Dentistry Interview Session – Sept 2015



For those aspiring dentists out there that score an interview – congrats! But the journey’s not quite over…

The prospect of the ol’ Dent interview can be daunting and as deeply unnerving as a root canal, but we’re here to help! By the end of this session you’ll deserve a dental crown 😉

Our Dental Veterans are willing to part with their wisdom on their own interview experience as well as:
– Pro tips and advice on how they passed the interviews
– Past questions and scenarios questions
– Speakers for Bachelors of Oral Health and Dental Technology

A great opportunity to brush up on interview skills and meet friendly Dent students. Saves you the toothache and braces you to tackle your interview confidently.

This event is endorsed by the Sri Lankan Students Association. You don’t have to be in the SLSA to come, everybody is welcome! Invite all your friends 🙂