Noel Leeming VIP Night


Event Blurb:

Sick of surfing dodgy websites to find the best deals on gadgets?? Don’t wait for boxing day to come by when you can get everything you want right away, here in DUNEDIN!!

The Otago University Sri Lankan Students Association (SLSA) and Indian Students Association (ISA) have partnered up with the friendly team at Noel leeming, 254 George St, Dunedin to bring you the cheapest deals in town!!

For ONE NIGHT ONLY, SLSA and ISA members with loyalty cards or with a print out of the VIP night poster will get exclusive access to the store from 6pm to 8pm,
Thursday 23rd April!!

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean you get 7.5% off. 7.5% is the profit Noel Leeming is going to make which makes all the products really really cheap! Some items will be less than half price!

So come check it out!

Ask any of the SLSA or ISA committee members for their card or a printout of the VIP night ticket!

For more info email: or


The Noel Leeming VIP Night was a one night only sale where people got a special deal where items were priced at cost price + 7.5% + GST. There was pizza, chips & dip and drinks for everyone to nibble on.

The event ,which we co-hosted with ISA, was a raging success and the night brought in over $5000 for Noel Leeming, which they said was the most they’ve made from any of the VIP nights.


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