Opening of Romeeco Bakery

romeeco pastry and bakery

Event Blurb:

Haven’t you longed for a taste of Sri Lanka in Dunners??
Well here it is…

‘Romeeco Pastry and Bakery’

They sell both Sri Lankan and other baking including malu pan, kimbula banis, roast buns and cakes.

This Lankan bakery have their opening ceremony on the 6th of November at 7am.

Come along and show them your support!!


As promised, the opening of the new Romeeco Bakery went without a hitch on the 6th of November. A lot of people turned out to the event and it was very successful. Be sure to visit the bakery and show your support to this local business. There were a lot of comments about how good the food tasted there!

We wish Romeeco Bakery all the best and hope you guys have a prosperous future!




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