Rob Roy: The Great V Giveaway


Event Blurb:

Good day,

Your mission should you choose to participate involves acquiring a FREE CAN of the new GNARLY V.

To do so, it is essential that you pay close attention to the objectives posted upon each hour between 4 to 7pm on the SLSA page.

You have been recruited for this mission due to your need for a caffeinated beverage during this period of exam study and for your endurance to participate in this 5-day long assignment.

Good Luck!

This message will self-destruct in five days


The Great V Giveaway is an event that the SLSA organises during the Otago University exam period to help students study during this stressful time and to promote our club. To win a can of V, students had to answer a simple question which we posted on the SLSA event page. The questions ranged from ‘How many provinces are there in SL’ , ‘What’s the mountain in SL with 4 rivers starting from its peak?’ to tasks such as ‘First person to come find us and play their 3 favourite cricket shots’, ‘First person to find us and sing a verse of the SL national anthem’ and many more. We’d like to give a massive thanks to the Rob Roy’s dairy for donating 20 cans of the new V drink.


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