Our Charities

SOS Children’s’ Village

January 2015

For the 2nd year in a row, the SLSA made a trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka to donate all the money we raised towards this charity.

Following in the footsteps of Kishan and Aakash last year, Charika and I embarked on a journey to visit the SOS Children’s Village in Colombo. Unfortunately Tharini and Chammika, our 2014 Prez and Vice, couldn’t make it so we were lucky enough to go donate the money the great people of the SLSA raised from the cultural night ‘How I met your Amma’. Thanks to all that came!

Walking into the village, it wasn’t the typical stereotypical orphanage we were expecting. The village was set on a 15-acre piece of land. There were 16 houses with around 10 children in each with their own respective full time ‘mother’ – pretty cool right? They had their own healthcare facilities and even their own school (which was open to the public). It felt homely and there was a sense of community in the village. We had a great time talking to the kids and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. I felt that I wouldn’t mind living there.

I have no doubt that they’ll put the money to good use and I felt honoured to donate the money we all raised to a place like this.

January 2014

This break Kish and Kash (ft Mali and Visna) went to SOS children’s village Colombo to donate funds raised through the SLSA Cultural Night 2013 – THE LION KINGDOM, give out candy, and spread general joy! Was a fantastic (and somewhat terrifying) day! Awesome to see the big smile’s on thees kid’s (who have all undergone harships we cant even imagine) faces, and they even taught me a bit of singhalese too! Take a look at these snaps and see how YOU made a difference by participating in or supporting the SLSA Cultural Night 2013! If you are interested in helping this great cause once again this year please express your interest to Tharini Ishihara Nanayakkara and together lets make a difference for these kids!

SLSA, we care, we do, we deliver.